Garrick Theatre - London - Arturo Brachetti

Theatre Mogador - Paris - Arturo Brachetti

Beacon Theatre - New York - Banana Spheel

Tohu - Montreal - Mission Poétique

New York New York Hotel - Las Vegas - Zumanity Theatre


Wamu Theatre - Madison Square Garden - NY - Wintuk

Canadian composer Simon Carpentier writes music for live shows, albums, film, television series, theatre, and events.

He took his first piano lessons at the age of seven and ​began his professional career in Quebec City, where his personal recording studio was next door to a rehearsal studio used by musicians working in all genres.

Simon first made his mark writing music for commercials and picked up more than 20 Quebec and international awards. His music earned him a Chicago-based Mobius Award for excellence in cinema advertising.

Simon’s name appears in the credits of numerous films and TV shows for a variety of networks including TV5, Fox, and CBC. He composed the score for the 72-episode teen drama series Big Wolf On Campus broadcasted in 150 countries.

His music was a major factor in the success of Italian quick-change artist Arturo Brachetti’s one-man show presented  in London, Paris, Poland, Italy, and Spain.

The rhythmic and emotional strength of his music was heard during the two-hour Moving Stars and Earth for Water show as part of Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté’s 2009 Poetic Social Mission aboard the International Space Station. The show was broadcast in 14 cities simultaneously around the world and involved celebrities such as Peter Gabriel, Shakira, U2, Julie Payette, and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore.

Prior to LUZIA, Simon Carpentier wrote music for Cirque du Soleil shows Zumanity, WINTUK, and Banana Shpeel.